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Converting an asset into a digital securities on Blockchain is referred to as Tokenization. Business logic being introduced programmatically, reducing the need for manual settlements and smart contracts have functions for automatic transactions, formulas for calculating asset prices and other specific features


A tokenization platform to create compliant digital securities with smart contract features

Smart Contract

Self-executing contract stored on blockchain technology with terms and conditions embedded in the security that controls the transactions between the parties leading to lowering transaction fees


Embedding transfer rules and restrictions into the securities, enforce compliance and rapidly transfers securities to eligible investors which develops a trust with the tokenized assets


Tokenization of traditionally illiquid assets, fractional ownership and access to the global investor pool helps solve the problem of illiquidity

Fractional Ownership

Tokenizing the asset and fragmenting into fractions paves the way for Investors to access high value assets by acquiring a fractional ownership of those assets


Blockchain is a public ledger which is immutable. It keeps track of every transfer and ownership in the tokenized asset and because of its immutable structure no one can change the ownership or can double sell a token

Investor Rights

Any Investor buying a token, has rights over the underlying asset where the ownership details are automatically captured on Blockchain. Investors can store the tokens locally on their systems and still continue to hold the ownership

Global Market

The ever-growing token market has many crypto exchanges globally having many active investors who can buy and sell tokens. By getting the token listed on multiple exchanges, allows global investors to be a part of the trade

Low Cost

Tokenizing an asset lowers the transactional cost for buyers and sellers, cost for application changes, along with reduced audit and assessment scope

Why TAP?

“Secure, Compliant, Empowering: Our Asset Tokenization Solution”

We envision to provide a platform integrated with Blockchain technology for anyone to launch security tokens

  •  Launch tokens of type Equity, Bond, Real Estate, Fund
  •  Investor Onboarding
  • Investor’s KYC/AML and accreditation/qualification status
  •  Transfer Restrictions – Peer to Peer Compliant Transfers, Inside and Outside the Exchange
  • Securities Recovery
  • Voting
  • Dividend
  • Vesting
  • Documents distribution and e-signatures
  • CAP Table Management


Raise Capital

Raise capital through our SaaS model or become a smart digital investor or as a broker dealer have an alternative investment experience for your investors. Streamline the process using our tokenization platform.

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